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Welcome everyone, I am Ladyg your Mardi Gras hostess for the weekend. I would like to welcome everyone to Ladyg’s Place. Yesterday we had a lot of technical problems that prevented us from having our party. I hope that those things have been resolved. So we will start our Sunday off with some Beignets and coffee as we wait until noon to start our parade and all day party. We will be open every Saturday for Mardi Gras season for your enjoyment. Bring a friend, but remember if they do not belong to the Welcome Lounge they will have to join in order to participate in the fun. Ladyg - Owner Mary - Manager Lynn - Bartender

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((((((((((((Hogs and Quiches to all the ladies)))))))))))))
Wow..I finally got into the group..The bartender told me this is the place to be tonight..
hello, David, and welcome! glad you could join us tonite!
i made it in here, once again -- that's twice within 90 minutes i've been successful. if it happens again, i won't be back for goodbyes. i'd even dragged in someone from another group, there you are, David! welcome!

here's a round of drinks for you all, just in case i can't get back to take individual orders....

only took 5 minutes and 3 tries to get this to post!
Ok..Lynn..I am thirsty..What drink are you famous for? Make one for me..
my fave, but not something i can handle more than two of -- Tres Generaciones, lime juice, and Gran Marnier, a top shelf margarita, just for you, David!

I've made back in....Ladyg is having to do a systems check..on her computer....and things are acting up....so I'm thinking she is going to try this again tomorrow.......during the day all day long...............as I don't know if this is going to show up........and I'm so sorry about...tonight but feel this is beyond all of our control......:) Hope to see ya'll tomorrow.....at some point......
thanks for the update, Mary. tomorrow, we could call it an "Open House" i suppose.... it's not Ladyg's computer, 'cause there's too many folks having the same problem.
but i'm giving up for tonite.

but before i do, let me introduce my good friend David to you, Mary, and Ladyg, too! i hope he'll come back and visit with us when it's easier to have a conversation!

see you all on Sunday!
Good morning my friends we started out last night with a party we had to stop because of technical problems. So I have put out some beignets and coffee please enjoy yourself.

mmmm yummy!!........Good morning Ladyg, Lets hope today those Technical problems are long gone!!
That does not seem to be the case. It still has load problems. I really hope that this gets fixed soon.




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