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Or is it? Okay, I'm a true believer...How about you? Here's a song from an old, dear friend that expresses it:


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you are the sun god
radiating life's essence
i bask in your love
a miracle comes
just when your heart's giving up
believe in our love

the heavens grow dark

stars wink out, planets collide

only you remain

your painting says it...

we are entwined like twin suns

infinite union


Friends are side-by-side

Lovers are too, yet we will

Remain One always

have you ever felt

things were just not lined up right

nature will tell us


soul wrenching cries of

pain, confusion, loneliness

are silenced by love

oh, this yo-yo-ing!

sometimes I want to smack him!

then he melts my heart!

you are inside me

as surely now as ever

i'll always love you

fear rising in me
icy fingers clutch my heart...
love is the answer

quiet loving words

what you seek are deeds not words

hard to understand

words come easily...
trembling leaves fear fickle winds 
but trust the warm earth




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