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For what do you yearn? Is it a painful or piquant feeling?



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wanting clarity
is it is or is it ain't?
the verdict is out
it ain't what it is
it is what it ain't, i think
what do you all think?
straining to touch her
torn away by circumstance
eyes, but not hands, meet
you are all i want
your love fills my mind and heart
i reach out for you
gentle arms enfold
moving together as one
to your symphony

so strong and so pure
your song echoes all through me
we were meant to be

through the perfect night
stars sparkle inside and out
witness to our love

in a marble room
above the blue aegean
we dance forever

always special, girl...
don't abandon your sweet dreams
wishes can come true
yearning for union
indissoluble as God
reaching out for you
i long for your gentle touch
before time runs out
longing so to come
out of the darkness again
can't it be easy?
longing to hear now
word that ev'rything's okay
my heart is with you

time slips through our hands

but as the lonely hours pass

forever beckons

love interrupted

connected in fits and starts

herky jerky hearts


holding on to us

we ride the wave of longing

eyes on forever




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