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Well, this morning I worked as a holiday temp at one of our local restaurants.  It was the deli/pizza joint.  I've mentioned it before here on the Teeb.


I was washing dishes (manually, no dish washing machine there), when one of the young girls who works there said to me (in a very complimentary fashion and tone)......


"Gary, you say that you're old, but you don't really seem all that old."


To which I replied......


"I'll be sixty-three next week."


She pondered that a second, and said....


"Well, you sure don't seem that old, I figured you were only in your late fifties."



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I noticed that a number of times when my age has been disclosed, the person on the receiving end has not seemed surprised.

I find that highly offensive.

My beautiful man, on the other hand, regularly looks @ me adoringly & says incredulously, "there is NO way you're 48!"
mmm.... & he's YOUNGER than me & isn't doing it to score points. (he knows he has sooooooooooooo many points already. and besides, it's not about me jumping his bones, b/c he occasionally has turned me down b/c of an expressed need for food or sleep. lightweight '-)

I'm comfortable w/my age, but I DO like to think that I look younger than my years, so ya'll lie to me if need be, would ya? '-)
Well, based on your avatar, I have to say....you look kind of blurry for your age! Or maybe I was just looking through the wrong part of my bifocals. Hahaha!
Here, sm@rty breeches, but now you have to tell me I don't look my age. ;-p

Nope, you surely don't look your age.....48 is the new 35!
okay, okay, you went too far! I know I don't look 35, you silly Stir. ;-p
But that's better than where I thought you might go, something like, "wow, d's, you don't look a day over 47." hehehe
Oh, I'm sure its just that those well mannered kids were taught to respect their elders by their parental units.
I got carded for beer at the local grocery store last night by some tween/twenty-something. I handed her my I.D. and her face went red with embarrassment. "You don't look your age", she said. I told her that if I credited my looks to clean living that I'd be telling the next biggest lie to "it's only a cold sore". My parents just had good genes.

Had Dazz been there to witness the exchange, right after the "You don't look your age" line, she would have looked at the darling tween/twenty-something and said "He doesn't act his age, either" at which point both girls would share a laugh and I'd be red in the face but with a 12-pack of beer in my hand.

It's hard to be humble when you have it as god as I.....!!!LOL!!! ;->
Happy Independence Day
You should live in Tennessee TSD. Our ever wise legislature with pressure from the MADD people passed a law a few years ago which require that everyone show an ID to buy alcohol. I may not look 63 but I certainly don't look 20 either. Cashiers always apologize for having to ask me for ID. But thanks to the same legislature people can carry guns into bars without showing ID. They listened to the NRA on that one. I wish they would just use some common sense sometimes.
The words government and common sense do not go hand in hand.....
Very very few people guess my age correctly. Usually only when someone who knows, challenges them with something like, you'll be way off. Most guess are mid-forties to early 50's.....62 here and just happy to still be here.
We're happy you're still here, too.




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