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Do you have a junk drawer at your place? Where is it.....kitchen, bathroom, garage? Do things turn up there that defy description and you don't know where they came  from or where they go?? Is it organized or really neat???  Post pictures.....i dare you.

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Thank you, too, Jaylee!
We call our junk drawer a "garage".

I had to dive in today...I decided it would be easier to just run to the pharmacy and buy new thumbtacks.

Do you think it's time I did some purging?

Shoot, had I known that, I coulda picked you up a pack when I bought some push pins the other day.  Uh, would push pins have worked....I was after thumb tacks too, but the store was out.  I know that I have both thumb tacks AND push pins around here someplace.
You don't purge a junk drawer till it gets too full to add anything else. And then you simply start another junk drawer.

I didn't have room for another junk drawer, so I cleaned out the two that I have.

Among other things, I'm thinking I have no need for that jar of miscellaneous nuts and bolts that hasn't been opened in 15 years.

I just use the garage. It is much bigger.
I think "The Pickers" truck just drove by my place and slowed down, P.A.!
Sell to Frank, I don't trust Mike.


Boy TV shows?

I know some women who like them too.

I don't have a garage.

I'm thinking about putting a shed in the backyard though.




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