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It seems I have been terminated. Yes indeed. I am no longer welcome in the right wing group We The People. Apparently it has nothing to do with my opinions - which in fact I consider sufficient grounds to terminate my membership on TBD-Ning in it's entirety -=- he-hee! But rather it has to do with my insulting behavior. Imagine that. Me. Insulting.

I know. It's hard to picture. I think it must be that I suggested Judy get another avatar, because the one she is using is simply horrible. I think so. Don't you think so? Is that an insult? Or simple honesty?

And as far as insults go, it seems to me there was a certain level of quid pro quo - but never mind. It hardly matters.

Should you find the topic mildly entertaining, here are some links:

Post announcing my termination

Post of insults exhibit a

More of my bad behavior

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oo - oo Sorry I missed it!
You did better than I would these days. After getting slapped by stoopid so many times I get light headed. I would have been left going, "HUH???" at the opening post.

But hey, if the Obama administration does start monitoring all of our discussions and such, it's perfectly legal because of the Patriot Act, right? I guess it was ok for the Bush administration to watch for keywords, just not this one.

And that free market crap... omg... where the hell have they been? It's just hard to hold a serious discussion with people who aren't in touch with reality, so all that's left is to treat them like the idiots they are.
I just can't believe that adults kicked another adult out of a group here! This is a social site, not high level government where you have to be screened and scratched to find out if you fit.

And the rudeness of changing your name! That is one thing that irritates the f%^& out of me.


And the rudeness of changing your name!

Wait, dear, they didn't really change it, they just made it 'cute'. Mind your blood pressure, now, they are only kidding around here. Start at page one and enjoy with us.
Have you been over there and lurked. I have and it really is funny but also sad. They continually pat themselves on the back for all the great things they are doing for their country. I sometimes want to join just to tell them how much harm they are doing but I don't want my name listed as in that group.
Nope, no lurking over there for me. If I did that I would absolutely have to sign in under another name so they could kick me out again. My own sense of fair play forbids it. They don't want me there, fine. fuck'em.
haaaahaaaaaaaaaaa HAAAAAAA

I guess we'll have to start a group won't we . . . admission has a price, and we require proof . . .

haaa haaa HAAAA
Jacquin,Makes me wonder, do I have to join there to join your club??
ZD, Consider it an honor. Funny how the Left Wing Politics group doesn't ban right wingers. The RWs are the kings of "la, la, la, la, not listening, definitely not listening!"
They just delete posts.
Awwwww....Did Zen twist the panties of the local Karl Rove Fan Club into a taint-pinching Gordian Knot?

GOOD SHOW, old bean. You know what Groucho said about not wanting to belong to any club that would accept somebody like him as a member. Consider it an Honor, Chief.
Check out my blog - Shapely Catholic Schoolgirls - nah, it is really about the 'We The People' Group. Just don't call me a bully.

Oh, TPAM is hard at work preparing a tribute to Molly Hatchet radio show.




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