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Another day, and another event showing that we live in a dangerous world. And no, this is not a natural event, it was a planned attack carried out to do damage and kill  people and property.

And yes, it so happened on a date of significance, the Boston Marathon is held on Patriot's Day, a public holiday in Massachusetts that celebrates the battles of Lexington and Concord and the beginning of the American Revolution and, of course, it is, today, the day that we must file our taxes.

As to what happened, how it happened and by whom, we are still learning. As has happened in the past, as an ongoing news event some of what is reported is in error and speculation that does not pan out, is misleading and subject to change. What did happen is at least two people were killed in Boston, many were injured with a nation put on alarm and alert.

We can assume terrorism  We can assume that it was a dedicated individual, individuals that are involved, whose motives we cannot accept as being reasonable and justified. We can also assume that some sort of reaction will be required to bring justice to those involved and stop any further acts in the future.

What we can also assume is our security and sense of security is once again under attack and as such, the point of what has happen, that we are not as secure as we would like, we are not safe as safe as we would like, but we are and can be confident and capable of defending ourselves and our country to deal with threats both foreign and domestic.

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You're making me smile and not just the usual smirk.


Laying around stoned and acting like a Zombie is not going to move you out of poverty.
I saw a stoner friend of mine and this is what he told me "I'm going to shove a diamond up my a$$ and sneak across the border". I told him that was ok with me, I said see you later evil spirit. Evil Spirit was the only name we knew him by. I wonder if he hates rich people?

Sounds like "Evil" wears many hats>>>all of them made from tin foil.

Darroll, I don't smoke pot.

I own my own home, and three of my four kids are in college.Completely paid for. Now what did you say about poverty? Just because I'm responsible with my money doesn't make me poor. Thrifty but not poor.

I don't care if anyone smokes pot or takes drugs. The American young adults have ruined their reputation with their drug use. The word from big businesses is not to hire the American workers but hire the Indians (India) because they are not all doped up and they are smart and loyal.
We hired a kid and when it came time for his report card, we told him to try and use his time wisely. (we tell all new people that). He was checked thru the FBI and had a clean record. Anyway he told us to please fire him so he could collect unemployment and party with his friends. This is what the American work force is starting to look like. They then complain about the rich hating the poor and keeping them poor. Who is keeping who in the gutter?

In most cases in most states, one cannot collect unemployment if fired:  http://unemploymenthandbook.com/unemployment-articles/all-about-une...

I spoke with someone in India about my printer once and they told me that even into their twenties , young adults have to check in with their parents about where they go , who they go with and what they're doing. I get the distinct impression that education is a national priority in their country.

India where some people deliberately maim their children so they will have a career as beggars in the street. I read about that in Fragments of Grace. Yeah, I'd have to say that India in terms of social safety nets is one scarey place. That alone could light a fire under a young person's bottom.




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