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You may remember TheInquiringGrasshopper, she's 15 years old now. On Saturday night, she had her purse set on the table, and guess what popped out. (Dont bother, you'll never guess), A Bible! That's right. Stunned I asked her where she got that, and she replied that it came from her boyfriends mother, to go along with another book she gave her, questions that young people ask.(Volume2).

It seems the woman is a Jehovah's Witness. (One of those people who knocks on your door, wants to talk about god, then leaves those little watchtower pamphlets...) My, they're aggressive...

We have not raised our children to be Christian, infact, we have raised our children NOT to be christian, for many reasons, we can get into, or not. Religion, we feel, is an adult matter, not a decision or practice to be taken lightly. But evenmore so, we think its highly inappropriate to be bible thumping to our 15 year old. How would she feel if her son came home with a Koran, and another book, describing how he can apply his Koran is daily living? Isn’t that a little…intrusive?

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Intrusive, yes.

But, at age 15 I would think your daughter is old enough to start learning about different religions. It doesn't mean that she has to become one of them. I would just make sure that you are there to talk to her.

My family had our home church which we attended, but my parents always let us attend the different churches/temples/synagogues of our friends. It was always interesting to me to see the differences in what people believed and how they worshiped. What was even more interesting was the discovery that despite all the differences, there were quite a few basic similarities in most of them.
I have had bad experiences with Jehova Witness'es. Won't go into the details here, just that they caused my wife lots of grief. I have chased them off my porch many times. I think the whole local congregation finally got the message because I haven't had them knock on the door for a couple years. I have told my wife, IF they come back again, I am going to answer the door and invite them in for a chat. But I am answering that door stark naked!
That would be cruel and unusual punishment Bubba. I have no use for them either, but I would never expose them to my nakedness. Damn you, I'm still trying to get that image out of my mind.
Well, maybe not totally naked. I think I might wear a pair of white velcro tennies.
That's alot intrusive MS. There are way too many religious fanatacs in the world, from Athiests to Zionists. There always will be. Explain to your daughter that there are many different beliefs, she can decide on her own some day and there's no rush. Buy her this book "10 stupid things girls do to mess up their lives" by Dr. Laura Slessinger.
Your daughter may have asked about the JW religion, and that was the woman's way of answering her questions...?
In keeping with your teachings, I would read the book and discuss it with her in a non-confrontational way. Becoming angry is a sure way to have her become defensive about it.
That said, in keeping with the way I raised my children, I would do the same and tell her why I don't agree with their theology and methods. I would give her a non-Watchtower Bible and a book of similar type from a non-JW perspective. Just my two cents.
We've discussed why we are not Christians many times. We've also met other cult members here and there. You're right, Pru, she doesnt even have to discuss it. But I do. With the boy's mother. Probably thinks sh'e saving the grasshopper. Sheesh, right outa the woodwork.
When I was a freshman in High School the nuns (yes, I went to parochial school) actually encouraged us to attend the services of other faiths and talk to their clergy/elders/ etc... At 15, your daughter knows whether she wants the bible because she is interested in it, or because she is interested in the boy.

The only way I would get involved is if it were a brainwashing cult. I know a couple of JWs. They may sometimes be annoying (yes, I've told them personally), but they are far from a cult.

Jackie, you mentioned that you are not Christian. Do you just not openly worship Christ, or are you actually atheist? Either way it's OK with me. I'm just curious as to how much impact may have had on you.
I am actively not a christian. I am not an athiest...that means no god, but agnostic, no organized religion. and yes, thats not a passive choice.

Jeez, I thought you actually wanted us to guess what your daughter had in her purse... and then you just come right out and tell us!


It's almost like your question was actually a transparent request to agree with your atheism.  Meh.  Do what you want.  But it would be nice if you didn't talk trash about the Koran.


If you've raised her to think for herself, she'll be cult-proof already.  If you haven't taught her critical reasoning, then of course the second she goes away to college she'll be brainwashed before homecoming.




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