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Who had a biggest impact on the person you have become?

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If we're talking good impact, 1 or 2 teachers and characters in a few books.

Probably myself

I feel that way too Syble.  

 I take after my grandmother a lot with my cooking. My dad taught me a lot and my first mother in law taught me how to care for a baby. When I had my first son I had never even held a baby or changed a diaper.

My deductive reasoning and code of ethics I got from my dad; my love of music and art Ingot from my Mother's sister, Aunt Liz.

Definitely my grandmother who raised me.

My grandmother taught me respect, do unto others, and to never look down on anyone and even if you have nothing material to give, you can still give a helping hand or a sympathetic ear and encouraging word. 

Of course my mother had a part in it but I will say it's more what than who. My myriad of life experiences, some quite bad, some quite good is what has impacted who I turned out to be.

My Grandfather.




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