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I read some statistics this morning that were shocking.  According to this researcher, 42% of college graduates never read another book! Zounds! So I was wondering, do you read? I would really like to know so I hope you will tell me here. Just say yes or no if you don't feel like talking. 

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Reading is just about the only thing I like (and have ever liked) to do. I hear it's not called being a bookworm anymore, the new name is infonerd. That definitely applies to me since information is about the only thing that does it for me anymore. Oh, and baseball too.

Never went to college. Guess that's why I always liked to read. Used to read almost any kind of book. Now I read ebooks, mostly fiction. When I want to actually learn something I read my links to Smithsonian, Discover, etc. And when I want to know something specific, I "google". (ten million hits containing the word "the".)

I went to college, and yes I still read.  At present I`m reading 5-6 ebooks and one paper book, having just finished yet another paper book, a murder mystery "The Affair of the Mutilated Mink" by James Anderson, very good and quite funny too.

I'm a constant reader. I'd say a minimum of two, but usually more like three or four hours a day. When I was a kid, I used to go to the school library and pick out the fattest books I could find. Some of it I understood, some of it was way over my head, but I read would it anyway. Today I read mostly fiction, and learn toward horror/creepy, but also read a wide range of stuff. I have just about every Stephen King book ever published except the last two. Finally got a kindle, and I'm waiting for the ebook prices to come down. 

(never went to college either)

We've had a few discussions going on over in the Bookaholics group that listed several good sites to find low-cost or even free kindle books; I subscribe to (get emails from) several but probably the best & the only 1 that springs to mind right now is kindlenationdaily; I especially like their Tracker service, you can list a Kindle book on there & they'll send you a price-drop alert if the price goes down.

I'll have to check kindlenationdaily officer. 

I use Bookblast...http://www.bookblast.co/ 

and also BookBub...http://www.bookbub.com/home/

Both are daily emails and you can tailor both to send you the type of books that you are interested in. They both have discounted, and free books. Prices normally run from zip to $3.99.

Right now I have 8 or 9 pages full of titles on the kindle waiting for me to read, but when they are cheap or FREE, I can't help myself.  ;-)

Occasionally I use dailylit website, after selecting which book you want to read, they then send you a chapter a day as an email, very good service, nice selection of books - many free.

Sign up for Pixel of Ink on Amazon, Tee. Several free books recommended per day. sometimes you find some good writers.

Thanks, I'll check that one out too!!

you can also get books from the library and that includes downloads of ebooks. the download is valid for a period of time and then vaporizes when it expires

Yep, good point, ProbAgain; our library checks out e-books through the Overdrive system and I heard on the news this a.m. that MacMillan Publ. house will be releasing 9,300 more titles to the Overdrive syst. for libraries to use; it'll be nice to have a bigger selection.

I also subscribe to BookBub & Bookblast, TeeBubba, you're right, they're very good too; also subscribe to a bunch others which the names escape me right now; heck I think I'm signed up for all of 'em ;-)

Love to read - anything and everything. (real college drop-out; tech school graduate)




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