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When the government gets involved with health insurance, they inevitably become involved in health. In NYC, for example, smoking is illegal in all public places, and they're talking about extending the law to parks and such. Restaurants are not allowed to cook with certain types of fat, and nutrition info has to be displayed on many menus.

We cant drink and drive, talk on our cellphones, abuse drugs....how long is it until hamburgers, french fries and icecream become illegal? I can picture being sent to the MD for my obligatory physical, and have manditory (fine-able) restrictions placed on my diet and behavior. (After all, if I dont take my BP meds and have a stroke, I'm costing society a fortune. Does anyone else sense the begining of the end with nationalized health care? MS

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Y'all forgot the gravy! I prefer a sausage gravy myself.

IN NJ , Pizza. real pizza.
The good stuff.

no chicken fried rabbits or rattlesnakes.
No beans, corndogs, ham hocks, chicken feets or grits.
They are strictly against the law.

Just Pizza.
thats a fact....




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