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So much focus is on the negative. For those who are happy, do you know it? Do you think about it? What is it that makes you happy? Do you pass it on with even just a simple smile?

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Having very very sad moments helps us appreciate our "happy" so much more!

Pru, you have a new lease on life. Very hard won. We are all so happy FOR you, you know.
And this why Pru is so special to us! We haven't really been through the trials and tribulations that you have, but you have let us share your journey. This is why we care for you, feel for you, and why we love you. OK, your wicked wit, and a couple thousand well placed KITP's have alot to do with it too!!!!!
Today I would be happier if I had a cigarette...but, it's been a week and I'm determined to keep on quittin'.
my glass is always half full... I always try to find the positive in every situation
sometimes while driving a good upbeat song will come on and it makes me smile and forget about things for a while.
Free beer always makes me happy!!!!!




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