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I popped in on TBD this morning at 5:20 a.m. and found my two comments still on the first page. Why is that? I thought by now that all you witty wonders of wordage would have filled page after page with questions, comments, new thoughts, etc,  and that my stuff would be way back in storage somewhere. 

So, this is a challenge. If you've read this far you are probably up to it so don't think about it just pop in here and tell me what's on your mind. The weather, your wife or husband, the deadlines you have to meet, what you're dreaming of, or anything at all. Everyone is waiting.

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Oh what a terrible job you have ahead of you Baia!  All that 'stuff'. I once lived in a house for about 20 years and when I moved, I got all the boxes from the store, brought them home, took a look around at 3 floors worth of accumulation and said  "not happenin'." When I left I only took what fit into the car. Just books and a few suits. What a relief for me and I'm sure the neighbors had a blast picking up all the free furniture and things I'd left behind. It's proof I'm lazy I guess but the odd thing is that I didn't really miss anything except the piano and a 12 string guitar. 

I'm just wondering about general stuff.

I was thinking about her too, and that's why I dug back a couple of pages to find her thread.

We've filled a page and a half with "witty wordage".  Can we stop now?

Why should we???

slim, now you hurt my feelings. Don't you want to talk with  all of us about the wonderful workings of your thoughts? I don't know about everyone else, but I would love to hear about what makes you happy and why. Or, if you had the opportunity to make one small wish, but only one, what it would be? Or maybe even your thoughts on current events. For example, how do you feel about the GI from Washington who recently went off track and wiped out civilians for no particular reason?

Did not mean to hurt feelings.  You were looking for pages and pages of nonspecific stuff.  There's a discussion for 'updates', there's one for 'random thoughts', etc.  I lead a simple life and have a simple mind.  I guess I need a narrower focus in a discussion.

You've now thrown out some topics that I can comment on.

Starting with the GI, our boys were not real popular over there to begin with, I think there will now be more aggression against U.S. occupation than ever.  These troops are stressed and have nothing to gain but a paycheck for doing a job that most of us could never do.  Let's bring them home as quickly as we can.


yep. Much better slim. thank you.

Something that makes me happy is my boyfriend. Colin knows I have a weakness for chocolate so he has already started bringing me home Easter bunnies and Cadbury eggs.  Today I got a giant chocolate coin.

When I was a kid, we boiled eggs and dipped them in food coloring to make them fancy.

Then my mom would go out and hide them all around the property and we'd all have an easter egg hunt. There were 7 kids in the house so there was a lot of scurrying around. In the end, the one with the most eggs got a special big chocolate egg or chocolate easter bunny. Thing is, I've never care much for candy. For me, it was winning the hunt that mattered.

Who else has Easter memories? It's a good topic for the season. Comeon TBD'rs  tell us your easter stories.

No real Easter stories, but for some reason, my memory is telling me that the dyed hard boiled eggs tasted better than regular ol' run of the mill, unadorned ones.

I wonder why that was.

Ah, memories, especially good ones.

stir, I suspect that the taste was enhanced by the fact that they were "Easter special". Hey, did you find that in some of the eggs, the dye leaked through and actually colored the inside too?




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