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The City Councilman wants $1400.  What should I do?

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Ask him what favors he can do for you in return. Perhaps you could come out ahead.
He also wanted me to drive 43 miles to bring the money to him.



That just makes it easier to say NO!

I told him he had to come to my office if he wanted the money.

He has agreed to 2 $700 payments.


??? Tell him to kiss your ...

They already have your money.

He prefers kissing young ladies.

O, wait...Is this City Councilman your son?


Yes, he was sworn in 2 days ago.
Thats cool Aggie....
I did not vote for him.
No big deal....typical gummit deficit spending economics?  Perhaps you can ask the newly elected councilman to get you a gummit job......ah nepotism....it makes the system all worthwhile!  ;O




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