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It has been so long that I now divide my life into when I could get sex and after no sex.

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Good idea! Be careful because divorce can be very messy too!
I just use the same T-Shirt that I used as a kid.

Nice Shirt
It's my boyish smile, ain't it.
Too long but I'd just as soon find the full package too Grace Linda.
Did you get lucky tonight, GraceLinda?
I just watched Milk, even an older queen got more action than me.
it sounds like me. I will not settle. I can get laid 10 times any night, But it is all or nothing. Horny guys, crap, they come by the dozen and I see women degrade themselves all the time.(remember I work at a hotel) Full package or no package.
Good movie. I'm so glad we both had such and intense experience tonight. LOL
I wish I had someone to tease, I think women will till you that if you are over forty you slowly become invisible when there are younger women around.
Once more into the breach our Dodger rides, bearing the tattered flag of truth aloft...

Not in this century for me, either.
And I do not suffer fools gladly...




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