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Well folks, here is my definition of what is `HOT' these days...

"Who is he ?"  I can hear you ask;

sorry, but for the time being I'm a keepin' him all to myself !

(I may let you know a little later:>)

So, anyone out there want to `share' who they think is `HOT' or `NOT' ?

Both males and females included, and meanwhile,

I'll go back to my gazing and sighing...

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a man's gotta believe in something...i believe i'll have another beer.

Personally, I think it's better to love.  I think loving someone makes you a better person.  You become more giving, more generous, more forgiving, more open and trusting, more humble.  You put someone else's happiness above yours.  If the object of your affection loves you back, that's icing on the cake.  But I think loving someone makes you more aware of the beauty around you and more appreciative of life as a whole. 

I would like to find it one more time..........but I doubt I will.  My time grows short.  You fellas are younger.......Go for it!  You're in demand; a good man is hard to find. 

Tim, have a cold one for me too!  Phil, I like that dirt naps.  I always hope that's not where it all ends. 


I used to be Hot ! Now, I'm tepid..lol

I think the big question about what's hot or attractive at our age.  I find that when I was younger I always looked at the really good looking ones.  Now I want to know more about someone than what they look like.  I'm much more concerned with what's in their hearts.  Unfortunately, that wisdom comes with age. 

Tepid is good!

Sorta puts a whole new slant on ankle bracelets, huh? 

The scary thing is......they breed! 

at least he/she has one warm leg.

hi Karin

Oh Gawd!! 

Hi Tim.  Slow day? 




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