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Well folks, here is my definition of what is `HOT' these days...

"Who is he ?"  I can hear you ask;

sorry, but for the time being I'm a keepin' him all to myself !

(I may let you know a little later:>)

So, anyone out there want to `share' who they think is `HOT' or `NOT' ?

Both males and females included, and meanwhile,

I'll go back to my gazing and sighing...

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Very nice, Ozzie!  Not my type.....but very attractive.  I like Mark Harmon, who plays "Gibbs" in NCIS......and Anthony Bourdain, chef and writer and star of "No Reservations".  Brad Pitt, Bradley Cooper, Tom Cruise.....all leave me cold.  Another older fellow I like is the actor Terry O'Quinn. 

With the younger fellas....I like Johnny Depp, even if he is short.  And, if anyone watched the show "Lost".....I was extremely shaken by the fellow who played the sometimes sinister "Sawyer"....a 40-yr-old named Josh Holloway.  I have a calendar of him on my wall.  (I'll tell you a secret....the calendar is two years old.....I just can't get rid of the pictures!)  I try to pay more attention to the older fellas, though.  Hell, I'm still turned on by Clint Eastwood!  One of the last real men in Hollywood today.

And if I really wanted to rob the cradle....I'd find the young fellow who played "Thor" in the movies...Chris Hemsworth.  Not hard on the eyes. 

I'm partial to Johnny Depp myself ;)  Clint Eastwood too !!

My Josh Holloway.  (sigh!)

"ooooooeeeeeee  yess"  thank you Karin,

just look at those abs...

oh boy, could I do with a man right now -

I'm trying to nail something on the fascia board outside

and I'm getting nowhere fast!

Also, I guess it doesn't matter how old that Calendar of yours is,

as time can stand still sometimes when your gazing into the eyes....

it's turned into a bit of a struggle to discount the young ones,

so I just keep reminding myself of what my Mum used to say

whenever we went into a China shop;

" dearie you can look BUT don't touch "   lol.

Tell me about it!!  I didn't even know guys like that when I was young enough to take advantage of them.  ;-)  Now all I can do is look at them the way you admire a fine piece of art. 

I think Denzell is really hot.

mm...mmm Helen, yeah, Denzell certainly possesses a lot of attributes

that go towards being `hot' - he's tall, handsome, great smile,

intelligent as well as intellectual,

why, we could even change his name to `Devil' !!

Phil - many apologies to you, I have only just seen this Comment 

of yours today, and if I don't cheat and go Googling,

then I have to admit that I do not know the answer to your trivia question,

so I shall depend on you to let me know  -  thanks.

Helen, you got that right ! ahhhh..

incredibly hot....smokin'

You do realize that most of these pictures (men included) have been extensively photoshopped, but guys don't really seem to care! ;-) 

True - I could use a little bit of that maself tho, lol.




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