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Anything about the holidays...images, remembrances, experiences. What's more beautiful than horses and snow?

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Such a mellow  look on the face too.

I still remember a snowy day visiting whom I hoped were going to be my new in-laws ~40 miles N of Sacramento.  Their six horses had been cooped up in the barn for ~weeks for some reason.  When they opened the barn door they galloped, leaped, and kicked with a furiosity only joy can bring. Snow went flying everywhere and I could feel the thunder of their hooves in my bones.

It was one of those memories one never forgets even though I didn't have a camera.

Just typical reactions to equine cabin fever or stall fever in their case! I like it when they finally roll in the snow creating horse angels and then get up and shake snow all over. they have the same exuberance that children have for the snow.

So glad to see you, LLL!!! I hope your holidays were good.

I love the images you both paint--the thunder of hooves resonating in your bones, LLL, and "horse angels," Carol--all that equine exuberance and child-like playfulness! Wow, it makes me want to be at the barn right now.

I particularly used to love the last check on snowy nights at PHC, going from stall-to-stall checking blankets and water and such, maybe feeding a cup of warm mash--the quiet nickers, the sleepy "kisses," the rustling of 100 horses settling in for the night, the peace that descends which is echoed by the silent blanket of snow. 

There was always something very special about those nights.

Now HERE is some pure Christmas joy!!!

These are obviously not horses but are equine related although VERY late in being posted! This is my trainer on the left and Coffee's owner on the right dressed for the holiday.


Great pic!

HEheehehe! An equine leprechaun!  Is there a pot of gold in that stall?

 Sure and begorrah!!!

Here's an Easter sweetie!

Is that my friend from Gaudix, Spain under that chapeau? Bears a striking resemblance to her!




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