TBD on Ning


How about a thread where we can go just to check in,

hang out, converse a little about anything? 

here's a place for us to just...


check in...


see what's going on with each other...


catch up...


So... what's up?



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I need to hop in the shower & go out for a haircut, some shopping & MAYBE a new cell phone.

Hope you guys have a good afternoon & evening. I'll ck back in before bed. Hope to see you here.

Here. in the threads. not in my bed.

Aw nuts, and here I had my ticket bought and my bags packed.
Well, go ahead - we already figured out you're pretty much guaranteed of getting felt up at the airport.
LOL (Click Me)

Stir, you will have to request a female feeler-upper or you will be disappointed.

I understand some forward thinking airports are employing NFL Cheerleaders for this.

I got ALL those errands run tonight! Yay for me.


and on that note... 'night all.





didya get a new cell phone? Which one? Do you like it so far? Did it come with an instruction manuel?

Oh, Quinn! I just saw this post about 

"didya get a new cell phone?"


grrr.... something's up w/TBD/Ning tonight... that dropped half my post there ^^^


I said - I'm too tired tonight to tell the friggin' cell phone upgrade w/my "new every 2" ripoff promotion. I'll tell it when I have more energy & fight in me. ;-p

Hey everybody...


Quiet day today.

Ran all my errands yesterday, even got the pup a haircut.

Went to breakfast this morning at the local diner. Really good snausages, YUM.

Now, I'm in for the day. After all the snow shoveling this week I just want to sit back and relax. Read a little, nap a litle, TBD a little, maybe a little television--I got Pillars of the Earth for a Christmas present, I need to finish watching.

Maybe some hot chocolate on this chilly day...

Hot Chocolate sounds great, Quinn. I hope you've had a rest of the weekend.


I had a great weekend. I took mr. hottie home to meet the parents yesterday & he knocked it out of the park! Wow, he was so great, and my parents (whom I'm not close to, just superficially amicable) were so great. It was something else.


We drove over & back in one day - 3 hours there, 4 hour visit, 3 hours back. So, that gave us a nice weekend before & after. 




AND... (sorry you northerners who have been so hammered by the bitter cold & snow) it was SUNNY & IN THE HIGH 60's today!!! WOW!!! I walked the dogs, went for a bike ride, walked over to the university campus w/the dogs & my guy & sat out on their lawn in adirondack chairs reading & sunning for awhile. What a great weekend. I am so lucky. sigh...




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