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Hey Creative People what did you make for Christmas? Or what's ahead for 2015?

Another year has gone by already.  I didn't do much sewing and crafting this year but I did make a few things for Christmas.  I found a bed pole, just one all by it's self, and I made a North Pole out of it.  I'll attach a picture.  A $2.00 bed pole ended up being a $30.00 project.  But I had a lot of fun doing this with my husband.  It turned out so good and we gave it to my son and his family.   

Another thing I made was gift bags.  I was two stockings short so I made gift bags instead.  Years ago I had bought about 50 red and white felt stocking and have been using them for years for a small extra gift of socks and a candy or for the boys a hot wheels car.  This year I wanted to give my sons and their wives a stocking too but I only had 5 stockings and 5 grands so I had to make something. The gift bags are what I made in loo of stockings.

Well I hope all of you are having great days and fun time here at the end of the year and at the Christmas Holiday no matter if you celebrate Christmas or not.    And for those of you who do celebrate Happy Christmas Eve and Christmas day tomorrow.  To the rest of you I hope your life is rich and wonderful.  

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Those are lovely.  I didn't make anything. I did a few little paintings for some people I worked with, but that is about it. Nothing creative this year!

These are all nice.  I especially love the first one of the tall building.  You are very good.




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