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This is TBD. 


This site has a long and complicated history...it has weathered a tough storm and while it emerged heavily wounded, it now rests in calm waters where the activity is slow and gentle.  It is moored in a quiet spot where it is held together by the bonds of true friendship.  It is a place for those who have passed the age of forty and seek out the camaraderie and conversation of other adults.


You are more than welcome to join in and experience the fun and affection that still resides on our  languid site.  The most popular places to post right now are: The Q and A Group,   The main page forum, Community Prayer, and Left Wing Politics.   If you feel in the mood for a laugh, a tune, a movie, a game or wish to be appreciative for the good things in your life, visit one of these groups that still see a good bit of activity:

Keep Laughing!

Tasty Tunes...(hopefully?)

New Movie, DVD Releases

Forum Games

Wall of Gratitude

Feel free to browse through the private groups and the ones that haven't had posts for a long time.  If you wish to try to revive one or start one of your own, please feel free.  While there is no promise of activity, you may just stimulate something new...or renew something forgotten.

The members of TBD are respectful of each other and even though they love to play, they also understand that there is a certain decorum observed here.  Members are rarely moderated, but are expected to follow the Guidelines of TBD on ning.  You are welcome to come and go, to post and participate, to give your opinions of the topics at hand or to simply lurk.  Your first amendment rights will be respected, but personal attacks; excessive, cruel, derogatory or off-topic bad language; or blatant attempts to troll may be censored by the administration.  Nudity and posts of a  'softly sexual' nature are permitted if they are on-topic, artistic, non exploitive, or not explicit or graphic.  Members are asked to use their discretion or the owner will use discretion for them.

TBD on ning still has much to offer and is still visited daily by members who are devoted to the small environment.  Growth is invited but not anticipated.  We are simply here...satisfied and adjusted to a laid-back way of social networking.

Another site that sprung out of this one is called Think.Be.Do.  Check it out and say 'hello' to some of the members that post there.

Relax and enjoy.

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This was posted six months ago when Think.Be.Do first broke away from here. 

Things are changing quickly and our number of 'active' members has more than doubled in one night's time.  New groups are springing-up and new life is being breathed into old ones.

I hope that everyone finds this a nice place to post.

If not I have some posts on the farm that need post holes.

Glad we found you.  I just started Exhilarating Singles, that was on ThinkBeDo and had been on eons with a different name.  It's great to be here. 

I kind of like a nice laid back group.Its nice to be able to have some fun also this, sounds very interesting. I belong to Think Be Do.It is a good place.I was surprised when I heard they are shutting down the site.It was so nice to see some familiar faces here.

I should amend that last part of the post about Think.Be.Do.

I am sad that it no longer exists.

So many fine memories - and all is so quite now. But still I keep an eye on my group "for women only " a.k.a. The Women's Room and poke about from time to time and of course check on "The Welcome Lounge".  Thank you "EddieDingo" for continuing to keep the light on for us. 

Been awhile for me too. Just browsing at the moment.

There has been some rumbling on Facebook among some of our Wandering TBD members. Is there going to be a Homecoming? I hope so. Thanks to Eddie Dingo who has kept the light on for us, this is our home. There are some cobwebs and the coffeepot needs some cleaning, but the property is still here for us to use if only we will turn on the lights and turn up the thermostat.

Eeek! Was that a mouse?

There ya go.  I think you're probably right.

I think it was a squirrel.

A grizzlephant, I think. I have a herd of them in my attic. Very inquisitive suckers.

I throw my hopes in with you, Baia, California, and Aggie.

For the last couple of years I'd been sticking close to my haiku, lgbt, and horse groups. I recently started poking around and found lots more going on here than I had thought. At the same time, I visited some of what had been reported as hot new(er) groups for people over fifty. I found that none of them had any more going on than here at TBD Ning, and they had far less infrastructure in place than we. 

Yup, if only we could lure people back here. But how??!





I'm at a loss.

FB does seem to be the gathering place, and I agree--I do know a few folks who aren't so happy there. 

I keep going back to FB just because the kids and Gkids are there. But Instagram is coming on big. What about Twittee. I couldn't Tweet if my life depended on it.




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