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HEADLINE: Sweet times for cows as gummy worms replace costly corn feed

Farmers in the Midwest are using fillers to try and stretch cow feed which is in short supply this year due to record breaking heat and drought.  They are supplementing the cows' diets with items like ice-cream sprinkles, peanuts, gummy worms and even chocolate.

I'm sure this isn't as strange as it sounds and the situation is far from funny, but I can't help but smirk while wondering if feeding a black cow candy bar to cattle would be considered cannibalism.


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All my cows except for Wendy like prune kolaches.

Just wonderin' Aggie, do you ever eat anything else??? Maybe beans and cornbread or grits or bacon, or black-eyed peas and fried okra, or meat loaf and mashed taters or peanut butter and jelly samiches???

I was going to get one of them 5 dollar aniversity subs from Subway but guy fixen them that could not speak good english said it was only till 11 am but his sign which did not mention 11 pm and tv ad said all of the month of September. So I left went he could not give me the corporate number to complain about false. Then lookin through mail today I got a coupon for 6 dollar meal for Spaghetti Warehouse that is only good today but no address of location. Unless I find someone that know where it is tonight I guess I will be on liquid bread diet tonight.

Note, I do fix beans, bacon, fried okra, mashed tators, sweet tator fries, carrots, corn bread, rice(the leaded kind), gravy, catfish, chicken fried steak, roast, chili and beef stew for the hired help.

Sorry for my rant. Someone from fb got me the Houston phone number. While calling the Houston location I noticed the coupon delivered today by the Post Office expired last week. I really feel like a fool now. I guess I will remain a 40 year Spaghetti Warehouse virgin.

Better a Spaghetti Warehouse virgin than... you know, the other kind. 

I get interesting pictured in my head about a place called "Spaghetti Warehouse".

How long do they store it in there?

Do they bring you your food by forklift?

I have never been there.  Many of my friends have been there.  I believe it is located downtown Houston near the ship channel.  Maybe it is imported spaghetti shipped in.  You would think after 40 years in business I might get a coupon that was not expired before the Postman delivered.   I have taken Spaghetti Warehouse of my bucket list.

Other than DDG last year my cows ate alot of hackberry and pecan tree leaves from trees cut down during the drought. They still come running when they see or hear a chainsaw.




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