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HEADLINE: College student's turtle project takes dark twist

A student at Clemson University performed a research project involving cataloging the behavior of drivers when approaching a turtle that was attempting to cross the road.  The results were (IMO) disappointing.  Out of 267 cars, seven intentionally ran over the turtle and several others aimed their vehicles at it and missed.

Does it surprise you that the number is that high?  That low?  Do you, or someone you know go out of their way to kill or injure creatures on the road?


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Any response is appreciated.

I dodge the squirrel in the road. Almost always, the car behind me tries to hit it. One night someone came up into my yard to hit my favorite cat. Their tire tracks showed it.  They succeeded and probably had a big laugh. I have noticed a lot of people that think nothing of this. The only thing else I have to say would get me kicked off this site.

Any response is appreciated...except probably what you were thinking.

The combination fo those who intentionally hit the turtle, and those who tried to but failed, represents about 5% of the drivers. That's about what I would expect from drivers in S.C., a state where the confederate flag flew over the Capitol building's dome until 2000 (they since moved it to a monument honoring the confederacy, on the same grounds), and where spots hit by Sherman's canons are still marked up along the Capitol's walls.

Had the study been conducted across from Stanford U., for instance, I would expect that number to be closer to zero.

Come to think of it, animals are fair play. Remember that next time you're going through a McDonald's drive-thru. Not judging, simply stating facts.

I notice that we call the wrong species an animal in some cases.

Look at it this way, 95% of us care about other living beings!

Good to see you WS. 95% sucks the big wienie, but it beats the hell outta 98%. 

I don't like it, but have to admit I (we) live in a cruel world. Sad but true. I for one refuse to be a part of that culture. For every senseless act of violence we need to do 100 acts of kindness. 

No, TeeBubba, 98% would be better. 95% of the people avoided the turtle!

I get so confused!!!

Laughing graphics

I hit a bird once.  Didn't sleep for two weeks.




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