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HEADLINE: ALF's UFO headed for landing on silver screen

Isn't this what we've all been waiting for?  ALF is being made into a movie (click).

It disturbs me to admit that I watched this show.  I never really liked ALF that much myself, but I was married at the time and partially owned a six year-old child. It was my assumption that ALF was one of those forms of entertainment like the Three Stooges which women watched because their men and children enjoyed them so much (Is this sexist?  Yes, I suppose it is).  My inexcusable bias and gross stereo-typing of both genders, however, has slapped me in the face many times over the years as I have encountered more and women who relished ALF's exploits as much...or more?....than their male counterparts.

Does this mean we have to make a movie out of it?

Probably what disturbs me most about this is the affirmation that Hollywood has become less creative story wise than it once was.  It has been remaking old films, old TV shows and even basing films on rides at amusement parks.  The 'remake' is nothing new, our generation did it (How many "A Star is Born"s  and "Beau Geste"s have you seen?), so perhaps this is all in my mind.  I'll admit they've gotten more creative with elements like special effects and computer generated animation, but what is all that without a fresh story?

You've heard my opinion, what's yours?



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Anything with John Wayne is good.





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