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I'm sure none of you youngsters remember 'back in the day' when flying on a commercial airline was akin dresswise to attending a church service.  The passengers wore suits, dresses, and nice shoes.  Even what we now refer to as 'business casual' would have been considered a bit slouchy for the privilege of flying, whether it was a visit to Aunt Clara's or to catch that meeting with the company CEO.

Things have changed a great deal since then.  However, the 'dress-code' debate (click) is once again gaining media attention.  Passengers are being asked to cover dramatic cleavage, pull up their baggies and remove offensive tees.

Angry passengers are quoting the first amendment and claim their rights are being violated.  The airlines say that the planes, whether on the ground or in flight, are private property and reserve the right to refuse service over inappropriate attire.







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I think I fall somewhere on the line with this one.  I miss the day when people took pride in their appearance and respected the new form of transportation, but don't relish the idea of a return to the time when 'flight attendants' had to be 'available' fashion model types.  I still like to dress to fly, but would feel better about it if the service was the same as it used to be.  It is now about getting from point A to point B as quickly as possible, so I don't think the rules should be as rigid.

My feelings on this are similar to yours, EddieDingo, I liked it better when people took pride in their appearance.  I remember those days too!  :-)

I think the airlines should be able to draw a line somewhere, though they shouldn't have to.  Whatever happened to self-respect and common sense?

Now I sound like an old fuddy-duddy.  :-)

Enjoy your Sunday, all!

I hope this will all blow over.

I remember when I was young we wore our hair in a DA (ducks you know what) and our pants down to our knees.

The old folks would say we are headed to destroying this country and our heritage.

Our stereo's were going to destroy our hearing  ... but... they were three watt and the twin pipes made noise louder than that.

Will wait and see if they move out of the slob class. 

I like to see neater apparel myself - a personal pref, but I wonder if the airlines with the dress codes will be doing themselves out of business. They are barely hanging on as it is. Are they all making the same requirements?

I don't know what all the fuss is about, I've never been thrown off a plane for showing too much cleavage.

OK, Seriously. I think if they are going to impose a dress code, there should be information in clear specific language posted online if that's where you buy your ticket. I also think the same information should be posted in the terminal. That way a person could change a shirt, turn it inside out, pull up their pants, or adjust their bra straps before boarding. If they don't conform to the guidelines, they shouldn't be allowed to board. This should all happen BEFORE the person is on board, because once on board, it becomes a much greater hassle for everyone getting them back off. 

I'm a little torn on this one. I've always been a believer in personal freedom and as I've aged I've become less concerned about what people think of my ward robe, but I do remember as a child my Father would dress up just to go the bank or the doctor. Going to the "picture show" required dressing up just shy of your Sunday best, unless it was the drive-in where it really didn't matter at all.

I still believe in being respectful of other folks' eyes in public. The airlines are private businesses and can make their own rules although I think lately they've become way too over bearing on many levels. Like Tee said.... clearly state the rules so there's no surprises once you're on board. I would go so far to say if you make it to your seat, you should be allowed to stay.


As an idealist, I would like for everyone to want to take pride in their appearance.  I would like for the rules to not have to be stated....but then in that kind of era, women would be expected to vacuum wearing pearl necklaces and high heels.

I'm glad that the option to fly is available to all of us, so I guess I should accept the fact that we all dress differently.  If the airlines want to establish a dress code, I agree that the rules should be stated clearly and understood well ahead of time.

She didn't mention anything else to go with the necklace and heels, did she???

No she did not.

@ Miss Dingo up there....if people took pride in their appearance there would be no "People of Walmart_ website. Now there is proof positive that some people simply don't own a mirror.

They need an old lady to stand by the door to button up sweaters and hitch up pants.  I'd do that job.




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