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Have all the great and relevant questions now been asked?????

Just wonderin'.

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No, they have not.
I have one.
How does one keep alert and attentive when one is sitting at a conference table with the most boring people on earth?
And, how long can I continue to play here without getting caught and risk losing a million dollar customer?
Well, those are some good questions....I wish I had an answer for you.
Invite the customer to come out and play.
Oh yeah don't snore!
Which group of Global Corporate loyalists will further drive our country into military and socio-economic despair in 2012?
Of course they have all been ask. They just haven't been answered.
You can try getting a good game of Duck Duck Goose going around that conference table.
Bring kolaches!
Not only have all of the possible questions not been asked, but as we stumble along we will discover more and more to be pondered over. It NEVER Ends, and that's a good thing.
There is the eternal question of, Why?
Why ask Why?
I thought the proper answer to Why? was because!
I can give a look than precludes a verbal response to that question altogether. Saves energy.




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