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I love Halloween. I always dress up and go to parties. I usually dress creative and original. Loving to make people laugh, usually my costumes are pretty damn funny.
One year I dressed like Telly Savalas. I had a plastic bald wig, wore a black jacket, painted a big ass mole on my face, sucked on a sucker, and said, " who loves ya, baby" to everyone. I was a hit.
Last year I was Albert Einstien. My God, I'm tellin' ya I really looked like him. Hilarious. I have a big schnaz, like him. I, again, was a hit.
I haven't a clue who I will be this year. Any ideas?
Do you dress up for Halloween? If so what was your best costume?

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LMAO/// Thank you ~~~ Love it ~

My oldest daughter and her husband always have a big Halloween party, this is from 2 yrs ago
Awesome !!!!
I used do the whole costume thing but just quit a few years ago. Just not interested. And Santa and pumpkins together in the stores confuses me.
I hear ya. Halloween candy goes on sale earlier and earlier, Thanksgiving and Christmas goes right into that, then Valentine's Day, then Easter...wtf
I usually take the kids out for trick or treat and wear a KC Chiefs hat and sweatshirt. I tell them I'm dressed as a disgruntled Chiefs fan.

If you didn't have the E=MC2 on your suit, I'd have guessed Mark Twain.
LMAO.. I know I look like Twain, too. Lmao. Half way through the night, I should've wore a white suit..lmao
I do not do halloween anymore, but my best costume about 30 years ago was a Rodeo Clown. I won the contest.




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