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his joy bursting forth
no longer willing to hide
no matter the cost
a new day will dawn
all the barriers will fall
in 10 years or so

everything we dreamed,
all promises, will come true
in 10 years or so

i am not afraid,
hand-in-hand, 10 years or so,
to be your future

achieving wonders
humble as a buddhist monk
he walks in sunshine
Absolutely BEAUTIFUL rendition for our boy, DD. Thank you...
your heart, so gentle...
thank you for remembering
my marvelous man
every year you've lived...
simply your existence here...
has graced the planet

your glowing soul shines
like a beacon to aching hearts
in need of solace

your acceptance of
all people, just as they are,
is zen mastery

your amazing mind
guides all seekers of knowledge
to new awareness

strength, gentleness, peace
wild beauty inside and out
my passionate Draughn

i learned watching you
living life like it's golden
to value each day

great admiration
on your birthday, and always,
and infinite love
reaching deep inside
grappling with one's primal fears
to live a new life

that's living golden
that's courage in its true form
doing what's hardest
they say golden years
await each of us some day
will they still be there?




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