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Do you do gardening?  I have planters on the railing on front porch and I also have four tiered planter with 36 inch planters, a red wagon, built as a planter full of begonias, and pot full of Salvia.  In back by the pool I have one four tiered planter and two 36 inch planters that are raised by the pool.  It all is in areas where I can manage watering with minimal hose movement, because I can't move around very well these days.  So let us know what you do in your garden.  I have to give credit to my ex husband for building all the big planters so I could do all this.  He builds a lot of these things to sell at two different flea markets.

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I have a small veggie area with electric fence to keep the deer out...just started raking and cleaning things up yesterday. Won't be planting until after May 15, so have plenty of time to prepare the beds and I'll need it because I have to go slowly because of my back. I have 2 hanging baskets for petunias and a large pot to hold marigolds on the porch...already have the potting soil in them so they'll be ready to go. I started tomatoes from seed and they are in their 4" pots to get some size on them before planting. I also will be planting pole beans, squash, lettuce, and radishes. Last year was not a good year because of our cold wet spring, so hope for a better season.

I don't and it's a good thing because I'd probably kill everything. We have stockholders who are on the gardening committee and they pretty up the courtyard which is visible from my apartment.

I used to grow vegetables but don't bother anymore. Josi will buy some hanging planters each year, but we have too much destructive wildlife to put anything in the ground. Birds, rabbits and rodents, Oh My!

I recently became a Texas Certified Master Gardener. I am also a Certified Master Naturalist and Master Marketer.

I TRY to garden and have a little plot out front but it's take a chance where to plant as the dirt is ify  so I have a lot of pots.  There are some that I have no luck with no matter what I do to them  But like I said, I try and do like seeing things grow.




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