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Which one was it? I liked the one where they stole Spock's brain and hooked it to their control system.

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No doubt about this one - The City On The Edge Of Forever. Written by Harlan Ellison and awarded the 1968 Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation.
And she could actually act.
The Trouble With Trebles had a very funny ending!
I hated Star Trek
Now Beth. Is that a personal thing, or is it intrinsic to New Jersey?

What show of that genre did you like?
I hate New Jersey. Doh!
Pru, I think you mean Miri.
How to Kiss a woman : by Captain Kirk
A whole series in itself on YT
So let's review here..stare her down, kiss her down, and then smack her down. Is that about right, Captain Kirk??
Hey, they had no model to build on! A little sensitivity here.




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