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Do you have favorite movies?  Which ones do you watch any chance you get?

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Saving Private Ryan

A River Runs Through It

The Sandlot

The Natural

Trouble With the Curve

On Golden Pond

Guadalcanal Diary


The Old Man and the Sea

et al



Abbott and Costello go to mars

I love Abbott and Costello!!

i'm sure you remember the bowery boys.

Yeah, but I must confess I never watched 'em too often.  My dad liked them.  I watched some of the Our Gang stuff, but not too much of the Bowery Boys. 

You mean you and me??

I remember when my brother and I watched Abbott and Costello every afternoon.  We also watched the three Stooges.  Those were some funny shows. 

Two favorites- Dances With The Wolves and When Harry met Sally.

My favorite movies are Beaches, Good Fellas and the Sound of music.  Kind of an eclectic collection. 

Helen,i saw an oldie but a goodie a couple nights ago,A Bronx Tale.

I love a Bronx Tale too.  I was born in the Bronx.  About 6 blocks from Yankee stadium. 

do you still have the accent?




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