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What it means to you--resurrection, renewal, or...big chocolate bunnies.

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sitting in a pew
holding someone else's hand
wishing it were mine

buddy jesus knows
you wrought my resurrection...
he's okay with that

A dachshund's Easter prayer:

"oh, mister jesus
please don't let mommy be mad
i'm drinking her coke!"

Alone on Easter

Remembering the good times

Hope for renewal

Touching me as always, Thally.

i'm alone as well...
we wait for what is coming
love and hope don't die

the Love of our Lives

may pass on physically

remain in our hearts

dying to this life
we'll rise up golden as one
a new world waiting

faint patters of rain

quenching green leaf and bud

quiver on blossoms

How beautiful, Westerly! As always...

It's so good to hear from you again!

all good gifts of life
dying and being reborn
love's endless cycle

Happy Easter, Passover, or belated Ostara to you all! 

on easter sunday
the day of resurrection
a son gets bad news

lying in a bed
exposed to friends and strangers
his dad is dying

standing by the bed
the son is ambivalent
his head is spinning

this man once so strong
violent cruel self-centered
the father he feared

looks frail and fearful
altogether too human...
frightened of the dark

tears rush to his eyes
on a call to his daughters
about their grandpa

"where did those come from?'
he wonders as the tears fall...
"why am i fucked up?"

a little boy sits
swinging his legs in the sun
watching his dad work

his dad looks up--smiles
"robbie, want to help me rake?"
"yes dad, i sure would!"

"here, you hold the bag"
the little boy does his best...
"thanks for your help son"

a son keeps vigil
for the father he survived
but wanted to love

needing to nurture
i plant herbs in a clay pot
to thrive on sunny steps

i imagine you
preparing the sun warmed soil
with strong loving hands

my heart flies to you
wishing to be held gently
as a tender shoot

for spring renews life
but my heart can only be
renewed by your love




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