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I have already posted my blog for today. Then when reading my e-mail I came across this.
Just another conformation that you can find anything on U-Tube. Leesburg is where I am currently.


I hope the excitement does not give anyone a heart attack.

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That was really neat to see, Robbie. That pup running all over in the snow was delightful. Stay in and stay warm. :)
Happy has been running around just like Oso. However, he sometimes stops and poops. Then Robbie has to wade out through the snow to bag the poop so none of the kids in the neighborhood find it. (:>)
Such is real life.
Robbie, I think what that showes and we sometimes for get is how quiet snow is, no background noise.
Thank you for this, Bull. Indeed that is one of the nicest things about snow - it is so quiet and muffles noises. (Of course if there's a gale, then that's another thing!)




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