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Have you heard of Dr Carson? He is a Pediatric Neorosurgeon at Johns Hopkins, was invited to speak at a national prayer breakfast with President Obama seated two people down. You should listen and watch and form your own opinion.  This is not the last we'll hear from this man.



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I agree with Perri

He did not insult the president at all. He gave his opinion on education, the economy, and the deficit. He talked of having a mother who married at 13 and worked 3 jobs so that she could support her children. He speaks of how she wouldn't take any excuses from her kids, and how  important it was to read in order to be informed. She use to make her children read a book and do a book report, even though she didn't know how to read. He spoke of how he was a trouble youth until he found education.  He spoke of "what has happened to freedom of speech", in this country, but if you can't find the time to watch this, that's fine. If you did happen to watch you might find an answer to your question of "why is this news"

I'm not much into watching videos, but I did google transcripts of this speech, or a partial transcript, and that part basically said let's don't fix it today, let's fix it tomorrow. Healthcare that is. I did read the comments to the video and it seems to be popular with the fox crowd.

Carson is the replace voice of Bill Cosby as to what is accomplished by self-motivation to improve oneself by your own efforts instead of relying on others, or provided excuses and rationalization for not performing.

Of course, both simplify what many if not most face, lack of opportunity due to poverty, social status and other limits as found.  And of course, much has been attempted to even the playing field with governmental,  charitable programs and court decisions which has made some progress to give opportunity a boast. 

And yet, many who should have benefited, don't.  Question is if there is fault, whose fault is it?  Who can we blame instead of who can we motivate.





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