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Does anyone want to come to Pru's birthday this year?

The City of Tomball in Texas has agreed to have a birthday party for her.  It will be a couple days late but will worth the wait.  They will have 5 bands, dancing in the street, biergarten, mulled wine, carnival rides, bungee-jumping, rock wall, petting zoo, pony ride, hayride, bounce house, and the Royal Bavarian Guard to keep the wabbit out of town.

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I'd love to. Pru is one of my Favz. But I'll have to just send her Birthday Wishes with our tin-foil hats. MMmmmmmmmm...BZzzzzzzzzt...BRrruuuuup
Deutsch Weihnachtsmarkt am 11. Dezember und 12. in Tomball, Texas.
December 11 &12, 2010, “Second Saturday & Sunday in December”
Sat 10 am – 9 pm * Sun 10 am – 6 pm
Tomball , Texas , Old Town near the historical Train Depot Plaza , 201 S. Elm
George and I would love to come to Pru's birthday this year, but it is not possible.
An early Happy Birthday to you and Pru, and have a wonderful time!
Birthday parties are soo much fun.
All of our "towns" should have one honoring us.
I'm lucky...I get to tag along w/turkey day. A national feast...just for me!
George's birthday is usually around Thanksgiving too, Jaylee!
I hope George does not get turkey left overs for his birthday,
Hahahahaha! We never had turkey leftovers for George's birthday! I usually fix a nice steak dinner for him, or we go out to eat.
Usually his birthday is before Thanksgiving.
If there was a way I could swing it, I would be there in a heart beat. Guess I'll just have to hope Aggie passes along my birthday hug. (((((Pru Hug))))
German Christmas Market “Weihnachtsmarkt Texas Style”
December 11 &12, 2010, “Second Saturday & Sunday in December”
Sat 10 am – 9 pm * Sun 10 am – 6 pm
Tomball , Texas , Old Town near the historical Train Depot Plaza , 201 S. Elm
Free Admission and No Parking Fees
Herzlich Willkommen! You do not have to be German to enjoy this festival.
Come and enjoy the family-friendly ambience - Gemütlichkeit - of this unique music/street festival and open air market along with antique shops in the old town area.
Tap your feet to the music of Chris Rybak, Alpenfest Trio, Das Ist Lustig, Tubameisters, Valina, and get into the festive spirit with the sounds of the Christmas musical groups.
An estimated 120 unique and interesting street vendors will line Market and S. Walnut Streets, selling German Christmas items, arts and crafts, and much more. Visit the “Weihnachtshaus” inside the Community Center at 221 Market Street .
The German Tent and music stage will be located near 200 Market Street . The tent will house the biergarten decorated in a German theme and Christmas lights. Tables and chairs will allow you to relax with your Dunkles Bier (dark bier), or a warm cup of Glühwein. Don’t miss the traditional Dutch Santa, Elf, live Christmas Tree, and Royal Bavarian Guard.
The Kinderfest (kid’s area) will provide entertainment and fun for the young visitors. It includes carnival rides, bungee-jumping, rock wall, petting zoo, pony ride, bounce house, and more. Enjoy the large outdoor movie screen, a hayride, and the Christmas lights tour.
Food vendors will include traditional German food and drink, Glühwein (mulled wine), beer, Christmas Stollen, Kaffee und Kuchen (coffee and pastry), Bratwurst, red cabbage, sauerkraut, apple strudel, etc., and will, also, include festival foods like funnel cake, corn dogs, hot dogs, hamburgers, kettle korn, and barbeque.
Highlights of the Festival will include: The lighting of the City Christmas tree, fireworks, music on the Depot Stage, Santa’s arrival, and the dedication and unveiling of the new bronze statue of Elmer Beckendorf representing the impact of Agriculture to Tomball.
Nuttin' that fun here this week end....sheesh....:-)




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