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Pru is a mother again on Thursday! 25 pound 8 ounce girl. At her side are Cowgirl, Wendy and Sandy. She is registored at M-G Feed.

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The other Pru is spending Spring Break with a young rock star.

At 25 lbs 8oz...some baby....:)

Pru Jr was a little weak but is doing much better.


Congrats on the addition to your herd, Aggie!
Dang, I thought I was going to see Pru in the shower.
If you come on a rainy day at the farm you can she Pru the cow in a shower.
...What do you give the cow who has everything?
Does she look like this?
Oh my....if you look past the black parts it looks like an osterage (spell?) with a high forehead.
Pru Jr is chocolate brown.
"...What do you give the cow who has everything?"

Range Cubes are on her list.


Sorry I'm late for the shower!! Best wishes to Pru & her new baby girlcow!

I brought lots of treats & pressies...

My favorite mouth-watering petit fours for the peeps...


Range cubes for Pru, babygirlcow & friends...



gifts for the babygirlcow...


a rattle-


...and a sterling silver cow bell-



whew! ...all that running around to get ready for the shower has worn me out.

may I have a drink, please?




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