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can you find love at a bar

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I dont think so.maybe lust,good time.love true lasting love no not realy.
Wow !!!! You sure are a hot looking couple !!! I always loved guys with long hair !!! In fact, I have a similar story to share about a very special friend of mine whom I have been friends with for approximately 30 years. He was also a musician, he was The Lead Singer in several Classic Rock Bands in South Florida. Although the very first time I saw him sing it was in a shopping mall, the years that followed I spent visiting night clubs and concert halls. Although most of the time I was on the Guest List, and with the band. Many nights I danced alone or visited the clubs with my Girlfriends, because I was there to support the one who won my heart !!!
I met my husband in a bar....I was the bartender. I did not know he was an alcoholic then...he was surprised that anyone, specially a woman could drink him under the table. He had to be helped out to his pickup, and I would still be partying several hours later when he sobered up some and came back in. Most of it was cause I worked days, would be tired and after my shift, I would relax, usually ending up, helping behind the bar if it was busy, or the night bartender need a break. I played pool and darts alot.
I ignored him a couple months, then we started talking, going out....he just had a way about himself that got to me.
no just Trouble
You can fine love any where, even in the bar...............I met my once wife on the city bus!
Finding love in a bar, for most people (like me) it would be the one night stand type, or a short term relationship. Anyone going to the bar tonight??




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