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Tonight at 6:00 PM Eastern Time.......I think the people who are going to be raptured should be making plans for the ones of us left behind who they care about like (for example) Athiest children & or beloved neighbors etc..  I am making a list of those things I think the rapture people should be making plans for, but I need a little help.


My # one: They should not eat dinner at 6:00, but eat at 5:00 PM so they have their ovens turned off. We dont need a lot of unnecessary fires burning the house down yet. 

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I was just wondering the same thing, P.A. I'm still here.

Do you think TBD is so empty b/c half of our crowd has been Raptured?


...another thing I was just wondering...if the people who thought they were going in the Rapture today are still here, what are they saying about that?

I seriously doubt any of the regulars here would meet the criteria for being raptured.
Uh, has anybody seen Mr Macon today?



Haven't seen him in days, I figured he was preparing for the big day ;-))


I'm here.

My neighbor thought he was going to be raptured. I haven't asked him...I don't want to hear his BS.

I did read that Camping has gone missing. Will he live incognito for the rest of his pathetic life or will we receive a message somehow that he was the only one to be chosen?

I wish that Camping would go down in history as the Oral Roberts of his generation, but hardly anybody remembers who Oral Roberts was.
The Rapture?!!!? Give me a break.
I found it to be quite a source of entertainment this week :-D
I'm still here......I was out & about town today & saw no dead bodies anywhere...You would think I would have at least seen one or two, but nothing. I bet there are some angry people out there..I mean they lost their chance to point down at us & say....."We told ya so" .....& "your going to rot in hell stupids"....Looks like they are going to go out the same as the rest of us..what a big disappointment it must be for many of them,....& life goes on....:)
Yesterday, mowing the lawn, I walked into a low lying tree branch and banged my head. I saw stars, so I briefly had a mini rapture.

Would have been nice if Oprah had been raptured.

Is she ever going away????

hey! that's the first time I've ever seen that we disagree on political/social/current events/pop culture topics!

Oh, well - I guess if there had to be one, having it be Oprah is about as innocuous as it gets. ;-)




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