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Hi Guys and Gals!
Let's complain like there is no tomorrow! I had to pay a locksmith today to fix a lock that my condo association likely broke! I kill them? No! I come to TBD COMPLAIN WITH KARENSME.

Let's go! Let's whine like the crybaby's that don't get heard!

Call me a spoil-sport! Call me offended! LET US COMPLAIN.

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Thanks for sharing Tammy. Now I'm going to worry about you every day. Thanks for doing what you do though, you're a brave woman. My son in law is a cop, I told him many times that I couldn't do his job. He has to deal with the ugly side of the human race every day, just as you do.
I had to go to Nashville and move a big chair my daughter bought because she doesn't have a truck and I do. Any body want to buy a fairly good truck. I could make a little money and not have to make trips to Nashville all of the time.
I sold mine to my son in law. I bought it new in 2000, it still runs good and I can borrow it any time I need it. Sell yours to a family member.
My hands are really sore from arthritis today, it's hard to type. Must be more snow in the forecast!
Had the day off. Worked all day on this house. I have all the family from SC coming in a couple monhs and I have to get ready for the painters and have a decorator come in for the curtains. This may be the last year i keep this big place. I have told the daugters to get what they want. I found a nut in the laundry room. those damn squirrels




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