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I stated to post his in my travel blog, but decided to put it here in hopes more people would see it.
Something totally unexpected, to me me at least, is happening here on the East coast of Florida.
Marine aniamals are starting to perish from the cold. I walked out to the bank of the Bannana River here near CocoA beach this afternoon and was very surprised. There are lots of dead fish littering the sand. There was even a sea turtle up on the sand. I nudged it with my shoe and it moved a little bit. Ok, so here I am with a member of an endangered species obiously in trouble and I have no idea what to do. Should I drag it further up on the sand? Should I put it back in the water? Should I just leave it alone and let nature take it's course?
I went to the park office and ask the attendent there what to do. He made a call and a little bit later a marine biologist called back. By that time we had found two more. The biologist said to bring them inside. Well, they are pretty small. So we got a large cooler and put the three in it and put it in the park office. I knew that the manitees come into the boat canals when the water gets cold, but they are mamals. I always thought that cold blooded animals were not much effected , long term, by cold. Guess I was wrong. Do we have any tbd members who have any special knowledge about this?

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I guess the comments could by without commenting back ... but, I choose to exercise common sense and freedome of speech rather than hold my tongue because it's not "popular" or "politically correct" ... I think that people who buy into this whole "man-made global warming" theory are just plain silly ... the Earth has existed for billions of years and gone through many warming periods and ices ages ... I find it absolutely ridiculous and politically expedient to buy into the notion that human beings are changing Mother Earth's climate ... what was Mother Earth's excuse for all the fluctuations in climate prior to the arrival of human beings?
For about ten or more years the earth has been cooling.
They had a bad thermometer in the Arctic, NASA replaced it.
People overacted and scared the hell out of our kids. Anyone that did not go along with this notion were fired.
The sun has been cooling for over a year and we have had no sun-spots.
The scientists are looking into this.
I find it pitiful that something is headed toward the earth and Russia launched a rocket to possibly change its course.
We spent our money on things that our present leaders caused and we can’t be of much help.
I’m not going to stick out my neck by predicting anything.
I think global warming is a bad moniker for what's happening. Let's try Climate Change and see how far that goes.




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