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Whether you have them or don't; love them or loathe them...they're everywhere. The world of the future...always becoming, as someone wise once said. Any thoughts?

My Great Nephew Ethan

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cake smears your bright face
your giggles echo through time...
happy birthday son

You would be 40 today. Countless times I've wondered what sort of man you might've become; although, I believe the courage, strength, wisdom, joy, and goodness you exhibited as a child was the measure of the man into which you would have grown. I'm so sorry, my precious son, that you never got to write the book of your life. What a loss to you, to those who love you and would've loved you, and to humanity. I love you, Gower. Happy Birthday.

the wheel of life turns...
outside of time you ponder
the call of a loon

bikes like rocket ships

we were going to the stars

Mars needs a round trip

Your 41st birthday today, my darling son, and your dad's 65th. Had life gone differently, would your dad and I (ancient at 70--haha!) have been giving you a birthday party, or attending one your life partner and children were throwing, or just video chatting with you on Skype or Zoom? Would you be climbing a mountain or composing a song or repairing a heart valve? Who knows? Whatever you'd be doing, your dad and I would love you just as we did before you were born and every moment since then. I hope and pray you're happy and loved wherever you are. I love you, Gower. Happy Birthday.

from a higher plane
you watch your parents grow old
and smile tenderly




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