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Whether you have them or don't; love them or loathe them...they're everywhere. The world of the future...always becoming, as someone wise once said. Any thoughts?

My Great Nephew Ethan

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to the Moody Blues
our childrens' childrens' children
nice piece of music
look of pure wonder
her eyes wide taking it in
beautiful dreamer
over explosions
of laughter and shouting boys
calls dinner is served
splashing and giggling...
daddy wistfully watches
her childhood swim by
living in pictures
proper pronouns exhaling
from the lips of fish

beautiful daughters

grown now and having children...

a son born today


tears on grandpa's face

receiving his daughter's gift

namesake once removed


he shuts his eyes tight

life rushes by unbidden

suddenly he sees


love totters forward

on infinite chubby legs

laughing and crying

a new soul greets us

joining the clamor of life

one small hand outstretched

finding brave new world

experiences to find

lessons to be learned

brighter than the sun

our children lead us all home

with love they fly on


ever in my heart

two angels who look like you

fly far from my arms


contact continues

those deep in our hearts do dwell

til the end of time




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