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It's October! And Halloween is just around the corner. Sooooo......I started thinking of candy. Not something I think about often. At my age, candy has ceased to be a staple of my diet. Where once it was one of the food groups...it has become a rare treat.

I thought some fond Halloween experiences of my youth. How we would have to wait to eat any of the givings until we got home so my mother could inspect for poison or razor blades. I thought of how my brothers and I would trade candy. One mini Hershey's bar would get you 5 pieces of hard candy. And somehow mom got a "broker fee".

I remember the old lady down the street that would make homemade popcorn balls...wrapped in colored cellophane paper and tied with a ribbon. This was the same lady that would spend the rest of the year yelling at us to get off her grass...or playing too rough. And we always suspected she was the "little bird" that my mother referenced when we asked her how she knew about one of our misadventures.

In an attempt to remember some of my favorite candy I searched the internet. And I discovered some of my childhood candies had disappeared! No longer in production...never to return. And I didn't notice until today. And now I miss them.

Gold Rush Gum. They were little gold colored nuggets of gum that came in a small cloth sack with a drawstring. Fizzies....just put them in water. Black Cow sucker...Caravelle...Butternut....Fan Tan Gum...and Mars Bars! I loved Mars Bars! And now they're gone...and I never noticed.

So....what was your favorite Halloween candy? Any that have disappeared? Did you steal candy from a sibling? Did your mom get a "broker fee"? Did you have an old lady on your block that would tell on you? Anyone dispute that Candy Corn is the king of Halloween (heretic)?

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Don't tell me!!! I don't want to know. I plan on eating lots of candy corn this month.
HAHAHAHA.....they still have Pop Rocks!
You guys got candy?
1GreatLady has pop rocks....but I think you'll need a permission slip from Kittycat to get some.
Awwwwww!!! He was so badly done to when he was a child. Poor baby. :)
Reeses Cups are my favorite. I can go forever without eating candy, but give me one reeses cup and before you know it, the whole bag is gone. I start to crave them after the 1st bite!!!

I don't remember stealing my sister's candy, but that doesn't mean that I didn't. lol
Just for you Hu:

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!....oh my! :-O......this is revenge for when I told people what your screen name meant in Greek right!? hehehehehe
More casualties! *sad face*
I need a Big Hunk candy bar.




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