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Calling SandraDee!!! Calling SandraDee!!! Where is she?

You get those pretty little feet back here right now!!!

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Yes she Is!!!
SandraDee is still A.W.O.L.
Maybe she just needs to rest those pretty little feet and needs some away time...I hope those little feet find their way back... Love ya!!!!
I miss u too!!
Glad you are back with your TBD family, Sandy.
Sandra, You've only been back 2 hours and your gonna get the pointy toed boot already!!
Glad you are back.!
LMAO Thats great!
Where are the Boston Creams?
Help Help my arteries are clogging before the first bite.

Thank you SandraDee1
Jeepers, you step away from the puter for a few hours and the neatest things happen. I'm sooooo glad that SandraDee1 is back with us... Looking good in those cutesy tootsie sockies!!!! And I love your new page!!!




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