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I was made for pleasure
to light up someones life
I dont know who I'll please
It just may be your wife

Now you can ask yourself
what is my intention?
there really is no plan
least not one to mention

If you someday come home
please just try to handle
your wife enjoying me
a nice scented candle

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one of these days when i get my own place i will go back to making my own candles

some of the ones you buy have a nasty smell and do not burn nicely 

There is a candle place by me that makes excellent votives. Its called the "Candle Factory" in Beachwood NJ. I am pretty sure they have a website. My friend in California has me send her out a couple boxes each year (36 candles at $18 per box not including shipping). When she visited me we went to Yankee Candle up in MA and also to the Candle Factory right by me. She calls herself a "burner" or "Candle addict" :-)

H-ha, cute...




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