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Breaking News: Obama only being impeached in the minds of idiots.

No organization that is able to substantiate itself as a major outlet for news has reported on the impending impeachment of the president. Apparently P. T. Barnum was right.

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“I think that we had a lot of people helping from the Democratic side as well as from the Republican side. I think you have to give the Obama Administration credit. They put this on the fence. Its always been long considered in DC, defense is sort of off the red and blue state charts and I think that happened here. This is a war and its going to involve the survival of 80 or 90 million people. They played it right straight down the middle and gave it to the people who were best qualified, even if its from a state and university that’s not considered very democratic. They are to be congratulated, you have to hand it to them. This would not have happened without Rick Perry and Barack Obama.”

“We certainly hope the President will come down here, I would love for him to see it.”

Texas A&M University System Chancellor John Sharp in referance to Texas A&M University winning a contract worth close to $2 billion to create a center on campus to research and manufacture vaccines to protect the nation against a health crisis or bio-terrorism attack.


Thanks.  That helps.  Where is Texas A&M University? I remember back when I was in college they had a ball player named Pat Thomas.  He was pretty hot for a couple of years.

I'll have another slice of pie, you know, just to contiinue the thread drift.

Threads don't drift here.......they get downright Hi-jacked!!!!

That's the fun.......:-)

Texas A&M University is located in College Station, Texas. Home of the 12th Man, the Fighting Aggie Band, George Bush Library and all Aggies.

Someone should deserve to be impeached or they all angels?


I don't have any peaches this year, but I got prunes on the farm.


For all those who seem desperate to impeach someone, may I suggest "Fantasy Impeachment"? You simply fantasize who you want out of office and formulate a fantasy plan to reach your fantasy objectives. It'll feel great in your head and you wont have to worry about being taken seriously. It's just a game.

Heck no,


Lets get the doll and the pins.

I can't think of anyone to put a curse or whatever... on.. though...

Some where between Obama and Bush in Houston, Texas.

Some where between Obama and Bush in Houston




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