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BORE ME LIKE NO OTHER! And hurry up before I fall asleep...THE BORE GROUP

Seems like Cabin Fever or After Holiday Bore has struck! Let's lap it up while we are in it.

I say: Is Ya Bored? Let's bring it to a new level! SHARE YOUR BOREDOM (yawn... hurry up, already, KarenSme...) TELL ME JUST HOW BORED ARE YA?

I am watching the little clock on the right hand corner of my laptop, and half listening to the same news that started 1.5 hours ago. Nothing has changed, or I will alert you.


Share your little bored life! Let's begin! How many pencils in your house? What are you wearing? Did you eat dinner yet? Have you named your toes? Don't comment if you are NOT bored. We are the NEW BORE GROUP. (which I will start later...)

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You know you are bored when you are playing Grand Theft Auto and start trying to drive normally.

I'm so boring I was hired to design a game called Standing In Line At the Bank.

I'm probably bored enough to play it.

One of the activities is "bend down to tie your shoes". Hope that isn't too exciting.

Almost passed out trying to tie those shoes funes. Only thing kept me going was the thought that I could maybe give you another compliment before I have that heart attack. 

Careful - make sure you don't turn around to see who is behind you in line. ( It's my buddy Diana )

Thanks funes, that got me up. (you know, from bending over tying the shoes)

sumtims when ya is bent ovr ya got to be rite careful sum one wont grabs ya by da ears n say..Skwell lika pig fer me. 

Hurry up Clod, let's go moon Katie Couric again.




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