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Ladies I am really interested in your input on this. A long time school friendand I had this conversation this weekend, are you more attracted to the Bad boy image? if so is it a fling thing a hump him and dump him. or is the Good boy more you thing? would you sleep with one and marry the other?
I see alot of ladies chasing the Bad boy types and just dont get it. OK OK no I am not getting it any way with my wife 500 miles away but thats another thing.

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But what draws you to them, what is it in them that makes you loose your mind, HELL us ggod ones can be just as good in the hay.
I don't get it either, especially since my ex has picked such a one for her rebound relationship.
i am a verry bad boy
I've been with bad boys and good boys and both have their good and bad points. I think women like the bad boy for the excitement he brings along with him. In my experience, the bad boys tend to do everything in a major way and that can be thrilling. I learned early on though that the bad boy led to a miserable way of life and thus lost his appeal quickly. I can honestly say that when a man shows his bad boy side....running out the door is a very easy choice.
I think I have always been attracted to the Bad Boys !!! The ones we think might be Good Boys may not really be Good Boys once we really get to know them !!! Any Good Looking Bad Boys Out Here? LOL !!!
Two thumbs up
I think a part of the appeal is in having something that you can't or perhaps shouldn't have...yeah, bad boys definitely can get my attention, and there's always fire there, but it tends to be short lived and lead to heart ache.
For long-term, the good boy may not initially be as exciting, but will be a better more equal partner.

Soooooo depending on whatcha want..... xo




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