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Are any of you guys putting away your old standby clothes in favor of, well, more sensible or stylish clothes? 


Its just dawned on me, I haven't worn a wife beater even once this summer.  Its been such a none issue that I didn't even realize it 'til the morning.


Now I'm wondering if somehow, somewhere, I had a "style-chip" implanted without my knowledge.


I always thought I had the physique to wear the wife beater, although in later years others mostly said or thought "e-w-w-w-w, its an old guy with a rounded body and pasty white skin grossing us out".


I dunno, I may come home after working at the rib joint this morning, pull down all the blinds, and sit around in the wife beater and shorts, listening to my one day stubble beard grow and drinking cheap beer and farting and belching.  Oh, and scratching too, and watching ESPN.

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Yes. Show it, funes.

Yup...went to Wal Mart this very morning and saw that. Haven't had an appetite all day.
H-m-m-m, I didn't know Italia was using a peace symbol on their soccer uniforms. I'd better go to Wiki to learn more.

That is a nice look for Funes.
It is gangsta for "you wanna piece of this?" Gangsta don't spell.
Tru dat, Sme.
You're good!! Will you design my weeding dress for me?
hahaha, Sme. Funes will love this.

Hey, girl, I B in Callee. I seen thong underwears and floppy pj bottoms here lately.
Funes' look could go grocery shopping or tripping to the tunes on the Boardwalk, down by the seeee. Gotta brush up on my gangsta.

(I actually see a lot of layered t's, but am not located in fashion plate country.)
You've captured me Sme. Except for the shoes.
Just for you realteal. I can't keep any soccer balls because the dog pops them like balloons. Anyway, I better not see it photo shopped into a Walmart aisle.

Nice pants, funes! And thanks for the Wal Mart idea. I was going to savor it alone, but the idea of sharing it......no, I shall resist the photoshop urge. You won't be part of the "people of" panoply by me.
Funes, you've made this look your own!




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