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Are You On the Guest List for TeeBub's Birthday Party?


...well- WHY NOT??


OKAY - how about a Winter Meetup in Florida-

Largo, FL, to be exact (not Key Largo)-

& we'll use TeeBub's birthday as an excuse?



...oh, and btw -

that would be the weekend of February 11th, 2012.

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What TBub said Snagg.


Larry's coming???

Jeesh...I may have to reconsider this whole thing.



Yeah, I know what you mean Quinn. But you know the old saying... Every silver lining has a cloud.

Quinn, don't you dare not come just because of Mr. Kremis!!!


*I can always sneak out of the house without him.... Hehehe... Just our little secret, right??  Shhhhhh*

hehehe.... Kittycat, you can fly down & have a layover in Atlanta (of course - doesn't every flight through the southeastern United States layover in Atlanta?!) & I'll hop on the last leg of the flight w/you! I'm working on Katidid & Ducatiman (Okay, I think the D'man's a shoe-in, I just haven't mentioned it to him yet) and I was planning on working on QUINN - but I see she's already quINn! Yay! '-)
Do you think Largo is ready for this?

absolutely not. Do you think we care? We'll rock their world. 



...it's what we do, right?

Robbie, there's only one way to find out.

Quinny's a scaredy cat, Quinny's a scaredy cat!


Hey, Robbie- *thread hijack* I just read somewhere that you're wrapping up your work assignment & heading for your WV farm. How long are you planning on being there? What are your plans b/t there & TeeBub's b'day bash? (well, l@@kee there.... I brought it back around! '-)
I plan to be in WV Sept and part of Oct. Then back down to Texas for Nov. Maybe a trip back to VA for Christmas then to FL.  Cocoa Beach, or Tampa, or Bushnell, or Key West. To Tampa/Largo for TeeBub's Birthday, Then????????
That sounds like a good plan for the next few months, Robbie. I'll see ya in Feb, if not sooner!




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